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Lightfoot-Jones 2001 Millennium Reunion Committee  

The first formal meeting to begin planning the Lightfoot-Jones Millennium Reunion was held on Sunday February 13, 2000 at Captainís Hard Time Restaurant located at 418 E. 79th St. in Chicago, Illinois. Various subcommittees were formed and dues were collected to establish initial funding for correspondence, a post office box and other expenses. Regular monthly meetings have been held since in hopes of bringing the Lightfoot-Jones family the best reunion ever. Thank you for your support. We sincerely hope each and everyone enjoys this special time of family unity. May God continue to bless and keep you and your loved ones.  

Jenean Lightfoot-Winfrey  Co-Chair

Venetta Lightfoot-LeRoy  Co-Chair

Melba Jones - Directory

Jonathan D. Lightfoot - Souvenir Book Editor  

Tara Blue - Treasurer

Alonda Smoot - Secretary

Eunice Lightfoot-Smith - History

Vivian Bohannon  History

Vernita Cotton - History  

Lori Lightfoot - Correspondence  

Michael Lightfoot - Webmaster  

Donna Lightfoot - Hospitality

Debra Lightfoot - Hospitality

Felicia Lyles - Activities  

Charisse Smoot - Activities  

LaRon McKelker - Chaplain  

Charles Gordon - Village Keeper

Danny Lightfoot - Village Keeper

Doretha Jackson - Village Keeper  

Eunice Maynie - Village Keeper  

Janina Lightfoot - Village Keeper  


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